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CIUR have researched, developed and then implemented processes, to allow paper to be taken back to its original fibrous state with specific structural and performance properties.

CIUR a.s. is a manufacturing company with a (history) of producing cellulose fibre running since 1991.

Our main manufacturing focus is the production of cellulose fibre, Climatizer Plus®, used for thermally insulating buildings. Gradually since 1993 we have also introduced the production processes for manufacturing industrial fibres for various industrial applications.

Since 1998 technology has been gradually developed for manufacturing high quality, specialized cellulose road fibre S CEL 7® and also a pelletizing process for production of granules S CEL 7G® used in road constructions worldwide. These products have been proven to be highly successful products for the production of Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA), an asphalt paving mixture used in road surfacing.


About us

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